CFO and Advisory Services


HORIZON ADVISORY is a website designed to assist small to medium sized businesses get the financial advice and guidance that will help them be successful.

We provide interim and  part time Chief Financial Officer services and Corporate Development services.


Services include capital raising, financial forecasts, mergers and acquisitions and investor presentations.


As a company grows, once it steps beyond the bootstrapping stage, and brings in external capital, there is a need for a broader and deeper financial skill set

Making sure the books balance and providing timely and accurate financial and operating information to management and the Board become “table stakes”



We provide support to the growth plans of the company, through

  • developing and maintaining a robust short, medium and long term financial forecast
  • establishing and monitoring financial and other targets
  • providing financial input to decisions as a complement to sales, marketing and technology/product perspectives
  • acting as a financial "mentor" to the CEO
  • upgrading and managing investor, shareholder and board reporting
  • assisting in the capital raising efforts and
  • analyzing, initiating and executing mergers and acquisitions